Blue Chip provides incredible services and unparalleled access to any premier event.  Their responsiveness and professionalism is outstanding from first contact-before, during and even after the event.  I will definitely use them (and only them) for my Premier Ticket needs and recommend them without qualification.

  • Joe L.
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The second week in April is a special time for all golf fans. It marks the first Major Championship of the golf season and in my opinion the most special event of the entire year. The sleepy town of Augusta Georgia blossoms into a vibrant Mecca of the golf world.

Patrons, as the National likes to call them, assemble along Washington Road to experience the splendor and grandeur of the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament. A few steps away from the National as locals like to call it; rests the Lodge on Magnolia. In order to truly experience the Masters a visit to the lodge is must.

This local institution is the epitome of class and offers visitors the true Masters experience. With a rustic feel combined with top notch service and amenities the lodge on Magnolia is the ultimate Masters experience. The staff is friendly, the food is the best in the Augusta and the experience is unforgettable.

To call the Lodge on Magnolia Corporate Hospitality is a disservice. Regardless of whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or just a fan of the Masters; the Lodge on Magnolia is the best place to experience the majesty of the best tournament that golf has to offer.

If you come to Augusta, Georgia to view the splendor of the Augusta National, book a spot at the Lodge on Magnolia.  Take a shuttle or make the short walk across Washington Road and enjoy the Masters Tournament, knowing after the gates close you can reflect and still experience your special day at the most relaxing venue in Augusta. The Lodge on Magnolia is a true gem and a must for anyone that truly wants the Masters experience.

For more information about the Lodge on Magnolia, as well as finding daily Tournament Badges, there is only one source I truly trust to take care of all of my needs and that is Damian Scribner the President of Blue Chip Hospitality Group, Inc.  The professionalism he and his staff provide will make you feel like royalty when you enter the wonderful town of Augusta.

  • Edward Wanambwa
  • Senior Editor, African American Golfers Digest

Favre driving up suite prices at Lambeau

By Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel

Don Walker offers news, notes and perspective on the ever-changing sports business landscape in Wisconsin and around the country

"The prospect of Brett Favre playing for the Minnesota Vikings and showing up at Lambeau Field for the game on Nov. 1 against the Green Bay Packers is driving up the price of at least one suite at the fabled stadium.

Blue Chip Hospitality Group, a California-based company which has partnerships with individual Suite Owners to help them sublease their Private Suites when they can't use them, is shopping a 20-person VIP Suite at Lambeau Field for that game. The asking price? $22,750.

That's the asking price. You can ask, but you likely won't get that suite for that price. That's because, once Favre signed a contract with the Vikings, the price went up immediately.

Damian Scribner, President of Blue Chip, said people around the country had contacted him about the suite. He said it was safe to say the price of that suite will go up at least another $3,000-5,000 with all the media attention regarding the return of an icon to the stadium where his, sure to be  Hall of Fame Career, began.

Scribner said he was contacted by the suite holder to sublease the suite because he was unable to make the game due to business travel.  One of the services Scribner's Hospitality Company offers is to assist Suite Owners who can't attend games to sublease their suites so they can recoup some of their investment while saving money for his clients that need a Private Suite for a single game only, thus avoiding a long term contract where the cost of a multiple year suite agreement would certainly outweigh the benefits when they just require a single game.

"Favre has definitely driven the price up" Scribner said Wednesday.  And, like the stock market, there is no guarantee where these prices will go.

  • Don Walker
  • Journal Sentinel

"My company has used Blue Chip Hospitality Group exclusively for our hospitality and sports event packages for years.  Their level of service and attention to detail is the best in the business.  We will continue to be customers for years to come, as Damian Scribner and his Blue Chip Hospitality crew our first rate in all they do."

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I have been planning events for many years now and have discovered that in an industry where reputation is everything, Blue Chip Hospitality Group consistently delivers what is promised and always comes through for us at the highest level!  Damian Scribner and his group are quick to respond to questions, which is of the utmost importance when planning these types of events, and I trust him with our most valued clients!

  • Karen S.
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This company is the go to place, coast to coast, for any of your ticket needs.  I have worked with Blue Chip Hospitality Group for several years and they have never let me down providing me with the most premier tickets for any venue and any event!  I would recommend them over and over again to anyone or any company!

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I have booked large groups to the Super Bowl and Masters Golf Tournament with Blue Chip Hospitality Group every year since 2001 and I will never look anywhere else. I consistently get calls from other event companies and I simply tell them 'I'm with Blue Chip.'  Their attention to detail truly puts them a step above any other company I have worked with in years prior and the fact that they are at the event is priceless because they oversee everything so I can spend time with my clients knowing that everything is perfect the moment we get off the plane until the end of event.

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